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as a spiritual guidance

“Sooner or later something seems to call us onto a particular path…

this is what I must do, this is what I’ve got to have.

This is who I am.”

James Hillman

  •      For the purpose of this essay, imagine your whole life as a training ground, where you study different subjects in order to ace the final graduation – our last breath.

         The course is perfectly tailor-made with the most detailed refinement, hence is so different for every single student.

         Also, the level of difficulty might varied depending on various factors like: how advance we are in our studies, are we actually eager to learn, perhaps we are bunking off school too often, and thus missing some essential lessons?

         During the course, those students who pay less attention to the lessons given by the teachers, most likely will be more frequently surprised by the unpleasant pop quiz. For those, who follow the teachings, these minor tests may even seem unrecognizable in larger perspective and final exams, despite being stressful and often frightening due to lack of experience, are passed successfully.


         Already when matriculating to our individual training, before starting the first day in our new school, we already posses some grades that might be further developed in order to gain some specialization in our particular branch. While in some fields we may already bear a PhD title, in the other aspects we may find ourselves as toddlers. Often we need to repeat some grades again and again to gain needed mastery.


  •      Sometimes we are asked to put aside our previous successful university career within one field. That might be quite hard task, as it feels so good and comfortable to be a master of some specific branch. However, by doing this our teachers want us to embark on a new course, to learn about other, amazingly interesting subjects that can only enrich our continuous process of education.

         Homework and practical examination is an essential part of this lifelong training. There is so many assignments which we are obliged to pass through, that usually we simply forget about many of them. Even the common nerd-type of student is not able of taking account of all accumulated tasks still left to be solved. During our education, our teachers will keep reminding us about our skipped homework, but at the same time they will also adequately reward us for our progress.


         Our lifetime’s course consists of different stages that we can metaphorically compare to kindergarten, primary school, collage, university, master degree studies, etc. As each of us has very personalized rhythm of learning, the tasks for particular life- training will be – in most cases- excellently crafted to match our individual level. Therefore, copying other’s responses to their tests is definitely not the way to pass our exams.

         Actually, the major failure within our societies is to follow common prescription for successful life. If we follow our study carefully by listing to our teachers’ advice we will clearly see that the path which is suitable for one, it might be a mistake for another in broader perspective.

  •      Therefore we cannot cheat on this one, and if -eventually- we will attempt to do so, the feelings of anxiety and unease will knock to our door sooner or later.

         If we look back on our past education, we remember that the transitions from one stage to another used to be the most difficult times regarding our studies. Final collage examinations, or Bachelor /Master Thesis defense has been remembered by many as a particularly intense and stressful period.

         Following our lifetime training metaphor with its different stages of education, there are some students, for whom the main task is to pass this particularly heavy transition. Then, the student’s whole life may resemble in its dynamic the final probation. Is (s)he prepared enough to may step to the next level? Does (s)he mature enough to may help others within this particular field of her/his studies?

         However, with teachers’ help and patience the doors of next grade will finally open.

         You will probably ask, who are those teachers? Who am I supposed to listen to, and what astrology has to do with it?


         We bear our tutors within ourselves all the time. We are made of their energy. We come to this life together with them and we will leave it holding tightly their hands. Each of them have a different style of teaching perfectly suited to our individual condition. However, very often their mutual collaboration mirrored in our lives, does not necessarily meet our approval at first. And indeed, the lessons and the way of imparting them might be rough…

  •      They speak to us every single day through our moods, emotions and obligations. If not taken seriously, they will visit us in our dreams at night, or simply they will call our attention by some external events. They are always working within us, no matter if we acknowledge their presence or not.

         This lifelong training ground differs from the normal school in one essential point: you cannot skip it.

         By denying it, you will not make the course to disappear; your personal tutors will still be giving you lessons and checking your exams. Failed tests will be repeated for pushing you to keep up with your individual training – your true life path.


    “In some sense man is a microcosm of the universe: therefore what man is, is a clue to the universe.

    We are enfolded in the universe”


         Said respectable physician David Bohm in his conversation with Rene Weber ( “Dialogues with the scientist and sages: the search for unity”).

         Yet, I would also add, that the universe is simultaneously enfolded in us. Within our depths we are mirroring each single star at the very same way, as the sky is reflected in the still surface of a lake.


  •      By looking up in the heavens, we can understand our teachers within us. By speaking the language of universe, we can better prepare ourselves to the final examinations. Astrology navigates us through the waves of life giving us the right parameters to safety reach our final destination.

         It gives us general forecast for the weather of our lives; it gives us little glimpse about what subjects are we about to dive into in this lifetime training. Astrology is the tool to communicate with our teachers, as the universe and them speak the very same archetypal language.

         Our tutors wants the best for us; their intention is to help us pass the final graduation receiving the diploma of Honors. We can do this only by being true to ourselves allowing our personal story to unravel according our individual path.

         The feeling of inner peace and self-accomplishment while exhaling our last breath is the highest mark one can get from one’s final graduation. There’s nothing more important in life than this.

         By listing to our teachers’ lessons we are illuminating the foggy path that leads to this final moment. We do not have to worry of getting lost anymore.

         And when we will finally arrive there, there will be nothing more precious that this triumphant feeling of having lived the most beautiful and profound life according to one’s true self.


    Then we will be allowed to rest. But only for a little while.