Hello me


I welcome you in my virtual space dedicated to the Soul. Your individual one, but also the one of the world – Anima Mundi, through which we are all closely connected.

My name is Kasia and my goal is to assist you in building a bridge between your daily life framed with your commitments and obligations and your inner deeper psychic essence.

  • My passion for astrology was ignited many years ago mostly by C.G Jung works and archetypal psychology of James Hillman. I’ve been extremely fortunate to may venture on this exciting journey, exploring the mythical narratives hidden in apparent ordinariness of our lives. This continuous amazement finally lead me to embark on the right path turning my passion into a service-oriented profession.

    Since 2,5 years I am student at Polaris Esoteric Astrology School in Bergen, Norway founded by Katharina Westblikk and Sol With Jonassen. I will receive my final graduation in may 2021.


    Those, who professionally practice astrology knows, that the broadness of astrological education is like bottomless well: no matter how many years one practices or how vast training one undergoes , the mysteries of life, seen through the lenses of the universe, will never stop to surprise and amaze us. Therefore, I also chose to become a member in Organization of Professional Astrologers (OPA) , which grands proper supervision and establishes regulations in the field of astrological professional counselling. This is especially important to me, as trough my practice I strive to underline the therapeutic use of astrology instead of the prediction’s aspect.


    Despite of my deep interest in spirituality and being self a student of occult knowledge, I consider myself a very grounded person. In my personal life, I am very focused on always keeping my feet firmly on the earth, while allowing my heart and -partly- mind to follow the Spirit. Personally, I think this is the main goal for everyone of us.

  • If I am not diving into astrological archetypes, I am probably painting, fishing or walking through the woods on the tiny island of Sekken, that I have a big pleasure to live on since the last 8 years. My personal deep connection to nature, that I established since my partner and I moved to Norway, is the foundation of my whole life. Being outdoors hiking and sleeping under the open sky is my individual prayer, without which I have not been able to embrace my essence. I do not regard myself as a religious person, rather a spiritual one. I worship the spirit which I see in the cycles inherent in the natural world, but also in compassionate attitude to the fellow human beings.


    Every day I literally give voice to my spirituality through the mantra chant and following practice of meditation. I am active member of Gayatri Global Sangha, a worldwide community created by musicians Deva Premal and Miten. This special connection with like-minded, beautiful people has been giving me an enormous strength and inspiration to my work as an astrologer. It endows my practice with the required humbleness towards the Great Spirit, whose gentle breath I am honored to feel in every single astrological chart I look into.


    Thank you for spending your time on “me”! If you are interested in my artwork, please, check out the gallery section in the upper menu. If you have some other question or simply want to say hi, do not hesitate in writing to me, through contact form in the upper menu, or through my social media!