You are the main focus of my work. Your individual story; your struggles and triumphs; your fears and hopes. The whole trajectory of your life could be traced back to your soul’s karmic story and initial purpose, which is the main reason for you to be exactly who you are; with all your virtues, hopes, smaller and bigger obsessions and unconscious inhibitions.

Perhaps, you do not like some of your personal tendencies; maybe some of them turns into an irrational blockage inhibiting you from moving forward? Maybe you experience within yourself a sort of emotional knot which is waiting to become unraveled? No matter what problem you are struggling with, I am here to help you to navigate through the waves of life.

     There is no fixed price I ask for my service to you. All my consultations are based on the donation basis. Yet, for you better assessment, I included an informative baseline amounts. For more information, please go to DONATE page.

     Before scheduling any session, I will ask you to fill up the corresponding questionnaire, which you will find on the CONTACT page or in the descriptions below.


Our session can take place in: English, Spanish or Polish.


    • Honoring the individuality of everyone of you, my aim is to personalize the session as much as possible, adopting it to your current needs. Therefore, before scheduling our appointment, I would like to ask you to fill out the questionnaire. The birth chart is like an enormous map of your psychic territory. Therefore, your answers will help me to sift through various layers, focusing my attention on the particular issues that are most relevant to you.


    • Our session would take place on zoom and would take approx 1,5 – 2 hours. It is very common to use a word “reading” describing the main form of astrological consultation. Personally, I would rather see our connection as a form of therapeutic, “one-to-one” space, through which I will help you understand the deeper motivations of your soul. As in any form of therapy, the dialogue is the main dynamic that is most effective. That is why, I will ask you for your participation. The session will be recorded and available for you to download it few hours after our meeting.


    • Before our session, I will spend about 2-3 hours in preparation, carefully studying your chart and analyzing the course of your evolution. If something will call my attention and I will find it relevant to our session, I will contact you through mail, before our scheduled meeting. I will also hold you in my daily meditations, for letting my intuition guide me during our sacred time together.


    • To schedule Soul-to-Soul session, please fill up the questionnaire. You can find it here


    • This session is possible only after our first Soul-to-Soul meeting. Forecast for the upcoming psychic weather is of most value, only when we have both dived together within your inner dynamics and your soul’s evolution. The understanding gained in the previous session, will help me to adjust my interpretation of any energetic winds approaching your life based on your individual unfoldment.


    • Astrology is well known for its prediction techniques and many people reach out to astrologer to get some perspective about their future. It is a very sensitive part of the astrological counselling, mostly because our future lies in our hands and no astrologer can predict with 100 % accuracy what events will take place in your life. We all have free will and when we start to restrain our life according to specific predictions, we limit our great potential for change. What I can offer you is the sketch of the energies that will be available for you according your individual life’s path; what might be their purpose and how to get the most of it.


    • The session will be hold on zoom and will take up to 1,5 hour. It will be also recorded, so it will be available to you whenever you will need it. Previously, I used to prepare written rapports about the individual astrological weather, however due to sensitivity of the matter, I decided to keep it in a form of a dialog. The time scope of the forecasts may varied depending on your current situation and needs. Our Soul-to-Soul session will shed light upon the kind of astrological weather you are most sensitive to. This will help me to single out for you the periods of the greater relevance.


    • To schedule Forecast session, please fill up the questionnaire. You can find it here


    • This session is possible only as a continuation of Soul-to-Soul meeting.


    • Through this session we can take a more closer look into any particular issue that you would like to discuss. Perhaps, you would like to dive into the dynamics of your children (<18 years old) to may understand them better or have a deeper talk about your plans regarding future. Or maybe, you just simply need my help and further guidance. Everything in our lives can be seen through the lenses of universe. In this session, I will connect any problem you will come to me with, with the greater universal meaning, based on your individual journey previously discussed in our Soul-to-Soul session.


    • If you want to dive deeper into your relationship, and both of you have already had Soul-to-Soul session with me, this is the perfect opportunity to schedule our session together. We can discover the deeper meaning that your relationship is based upon and look into the dynamic of your partnership. If one of the partners cannot be present during our session, I will need his approval to be part of the analysis.


    • If you practice any form of meditation, yoga, mantra chanting or any other form that deals with subtle energies, we can use this time to look at the nearest astrological forecast to may boost your outcomes. The Soul-to-Soul session is a requirement, as it allows me to see how sensitive you are for the coming energies and how they may help you.


    • To schedule Follow-up session, please fill up the questionnaire. You can find it here


    • In the last hundreds of years, astrology has gained a fame for its -apparent- possibility of predicting your future. Hence, many people are used to meet the astrological counselling with such expectations, and thus – very often – with fear. It is of great importance for me, to emphasize that in my one-to-one practice, I do not predict the future events. For me, astrology is one of the most beautiful tool to gain self-knowledge in order to may wisely move through the uncertainty of what life may bring to you. I am here to help you seize opportunities for your growth and to prepare you for catching the right wave. How good you will navigate through it, depends fully on you.


    • My aim, as astrologer, is to help you to know yourself. I do not want you to approach my guidance as the final solution to your problems. You are the main healer of your life.


    • If you are motivated by curiosity about how astrology works and you would like to try it on yourself, I am sure that you will find a lot of astrologers willing to help you out. If you decide to work with me, you allow me to go deeper into your life. Astrological counselling is a sacred time, during which, what lies hidden within you might be unraveled. Perhaps, you have not been prepared for that. That is why, before sending me filled up questionnaire for the first time, I ask you to reflect deeper about your motivations. Due to the lack of fixed payment, it may seem easier for many to reach astrologer. Yet, it is very important to me to make you understand that by clicking on the “submit” button under the questionnaire form, you take our appointment with the same seriousness and honesty as I will take having you as a client.


    • The ethics of my work, outlined in the US section, do not allow me to provide you with detailed information about other people dynamics until they will give me permission to do so. What I can do, is to help you to see more clearly the unconscious motivations which lead you toward this particular person and what does it mean for your personal growth. Children (under 18 years old) are not included in this general rule.


    • The detailed description of my code of ethics, you can find here