as a cosmic language

“Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.”

Dane Rudhyar

  •      These two short sentences from Rudhyard’s “Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer” show precisely why astrology has been ridiculed particularly during last century.


         The mythological language which astrology is main translator of, has been labeled as the the brainless fallacy and a foolish superstition, only because our hyped-up literal world’s understanding has forgotten the speech of the Psyche.

         As a result of the significant emphasis on the materialistic approach, our inner world definitely lost its significance. We have been forced to abandon the art of mythological sensitivity for the sake of a life defined by materialism. That does not mean that the current way of facing life is better then other. Actually, the present situation in the world is a perfect example of what happens when the natural way of living is pushed out of balance. In our present status quo, an alignment with the Soul is abandoned for seeking fake appearances of happiness. And in this condition, the Sky simply stops to speak to you.

         Imagine travelling to the foreign country, where you did not understand the language. Without even basic language skills, we are not only unable to communicate, but also become more unaware of our current surroundings. We will not be able to unravel the culture that has been creating its people, for perhaps, hundreds or thousands of years. We simply find ourselves very alone, becoming blind on many colorful aspects of given culture and deaf for its principal rhythm. We are simply loosing its message, and consequently, we do not grasp the meaning.


         Therefore, if the traveler did not perfected the language, all his assumption will be based on his subjective world view that he has gained during his own cultural upbringing.



  •      This metaphor nicely describes the clash between the modern science and astrology. Those, who look at astrology through the lenses of a materialistic mindset, created by the current scientific methodology, will continuously fail to find coherence. If one with a materially-inclined background, ventures into realm of the psychic structure of the Universe, it should not be a surprise that the trip ends with nothing. And actually, that is fully understandable. You can not read German written poetry in English. What is actually way more damaging -particularly for the modern human mind – is the assumption that something simply does not exist, only because we do not have a tool to grasp it.

         Or – as is in the case of the misunderstandings between the astrological milieu and the scientific one – the instrument that is best suited to penetrate into the vast layers of cosmic meaning, which is the inner individual psychic structure, is subject of an overexposed haughty neglect. How can the tourist grasp the local dialect, with an imposed frame of mind that actually denies the possibility of communication in that particular language?


         The official language of astronomy is based on physics and mathematics. The official language of modern astrology is based on archetypes – the collective mental images which simply give meaning to our experience and perception of reality. The denial of that dynamic implicates neglecting the core of one’s being.

         Both languages are of the same value and consist as two different ways of explaining the very same reality. Whereas one is focused on the description and investigation of the physically manifested appearances of the astronomical bodies and the laws governing them , the other language attempts to interpret the psychic, immeasurable by modern tools, condition of the Universe.

         The notion that the Cosmos is a living being endowed with consciousness, called by various oriental philosophies as Buddha-Nature or Atman is very ancient concept. Recently, this view generated interest not only among the New-Age enthusiasts, but also among professional researchers within the field of quantum physics.

         Obviously, this analogy is much more complex and cannot be described in few sentences. The Tibetan monks spend their whole lifetimes to find, understand and finally melt with the Universal Mind, while the new discoveries within the quantum physics simply lack a proper language to may conceptualize new perspectives about the structure of reality.

  •      Generally speaking, to expect to find a final answers to the mysteries of life by using only power of intellect is like to try to catch the fish with the rod without a line.

         Famous american theoretical physicist, Richard Feynman once stated:


    “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.”


         In my opinion, this attitude crucial to may build a bridge between those two concepts of reality, which simply focus on two different angles that one can see the reality from. The mutual cooperation, should be the fuel that ignites the essential human longing to understand his situation within the greater whole of Universe.

         Astrology is the tool which – only by wise application – serves to translate the cosmic intention using archetypal images as a sort of syntax. It clothes with symbolical images those energies that could not be otherwise comprehended by the limited human mind.

         Astrology, as a language, speaks directly to our soul, our inner emotional being. It reclaims the sacredness of the human depths linking it with the motion of the stars, as our bodies are literally made out of them. It broadens this essential truth adding to it deeper more spiritual dimension. It simply endows matter with a subtler reality, which presence in our lives simply cannot be denied by any means. We all have individual dreams, fears, emotional struggles, higher aspirations, compulsions, bigger or smaller complexes.

         One does not have to be religiously inclined to make a room in one’s life for astrology. Mostly because astrology is not a believe system. This confusion is very often observed when somebody claims that he/she does not belief in it. How you can say that you do not believe in english, chinese or spanish? You may say that you do not understand a word in given language.

         However, with a a help of a good translator, you can be really surprised about how much Universe knows already about your story. How many of your inner dynamics could be mirrored by the planetary arrangements, and consequently how many solutions to your worries could be offered by Universe, only if you dare to listen to it.

         The questions arises: how is that actually possible? How the physical planets located million miles away could rule one’s earthy life?

  •      Our mind is not meant to grasp those mechanisms, using the scientific terms based on physical plane. The Universe communicates directly to the individual soul, by being itself endowed with one. The Cosmic Consciousness and our individual one operate within the same frame of Natural Laws of which astrological language serves as a translating tool.

         It translates in images, archetypes and myths, the literalness of which could manifest itself on various levels within our daily lives: starting from the factual events and dynamics, through astonishing synchronicities, up to our dreams at night and all the unconscious material.

         It would not be by any means excessive to use the words of Alan Watts:


    “Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.”


         Our individual psychic realities pertain to some bigger structure, which cannot be perceivable by mind, hence cannot be explained by modern science. It can be only known by our open heart.

         When the heart is open and the mind is quiet, the experience of what our individual life actually is about can begin. Then, even astrology which translates from “above” to “below” will not be needed anymore.

         However, until that moment, let the Sky talk to us: let consciously make our Path be the one chosen for us by Universe; let synchronize our skills and talents with our soul deeper intentions.

         Think, how Universe would like to experienced itself living precisely the

    life you do every singly day?