as a forecast for soul

“I would love to live

Like a river flows

Carried by the surprise

Of its own unfolding – Fluent”,

Jhon O’Donohue

  •      For a moment think about your overall constitution as a very individual micro-climate. This special set of atmospheric conditions somehow differs from the general climate of given area. Mostly, because the notion of climate is statistical, and thus very general. Micro-climate is generated within the wider spectrum of prevailing conditions by tiny or more significant disturbances.


         For example, the presence of a lake can bring a cooling to the nearest dry area, creating a specific micro-climate around it, that allows certain flora to grow and fauna to settle down.

         The urban concrete infrastructure is, due to its solar heat absorption, also a factor that give rise to a special atmospheric conditions. One in which one plant will thrive, where for others that particular temperature might be deadly.

         Consequently, our individual psychic make-up also bears such natural disturbances, that are responsible for maintaining our fragile ecosystems in balance.


    One’s inner landscape can be filled with dense dark forest, which- at the very first glimpse- seems to be unwelcoming and even frightening to enter. In such conditions, the sunlight hardly touches the ground, yet this peculiar atmosphere give rise to a variety of wildlife, that eventually could not flourish without this apparent darkness.

         Another psychic topography feels like a slowly flowing river. Thanks to its undercurrents, it nourishes the all leaving creatures who live of its banks and of its depths. Depending on the season, the level of waters might be high or low; however, knowing the cyclic unraveling of Nature, the seasonal floods are no surprise for the river. They creates its essence.

  •      Each type of microclimate gives birth to its very private ecosystem. Apparently, the desert creates a perfect environment for certain species which could not have any chance of surviving among the snowy mountain peaks; what is deadly for one, will turn into life’s giving nectar for another.


         Our personal wildlife constantly calls our attention, as it depends on the psychic condition that we create for it to joyfully thrive. The tropical heat and humidity of Amazonas is the very key that keeps symbiosis of this particular ecosystem untouched. If rain gradually ceases to fall and the temperature gets even higher, the vitality of the jungle succumbs and the life-chain becomes broken. The extinction of a tiny -apparently- insignificant organism may result in a tragic consequences for the overall of the tropical ecosystem.

         If we will not nourish with attention all of our personal creatures, we will create a state of imbalance in our inner psychic territory. It is not an easy task at all, to may feed every single being within us. First we need to acknowledge their presence. We have an inborn tendency to fear tigers, snakes, poisonous spiders or other predators. However, they too do inhabit our personal landscapes. And if not consciously recognized, they will call us to nurture them anyways. They also need care, and if left unattended, their accumulated hunger can defeat us.

         We all tend our individual gardens by keeping our psychic microclimate in balance. Sometimes we need to get rid of some weeds, to let other plant bloom peacefully; yet, the very same weeds in the desert may form the most beautiful exceptional landscape.


  • How astrology fits into that?


         First of all, it frames your individual microclimate; it describes it. Is it humid or dry, cold or rather warm? Which element predominates within your psychic structure and how you manifest its energy in your daily life?

         While taking the first inhale after you came to this life, you breathed in your individual landscape. Where the windy mountains of discipline were raised for one, the waves of imagination were overflowing the sandy beach of the other. The environment given to us in the moment of our birth is our personal piece of nature, our individual natural reserve, that we are supposed to protect.


         With help of astrology we can get to know not only the atmospheric condition of our souls but also get acquainted with the wildlife roaming around through our emotional valleys and plains.

         We need to be aware of our symbiotic chain of life which is a foundation of every balanced ecosystem. If one specie overthrows another, our whole psychic network will be gradually collapsing. Without knowing what creatures inhabits our reserve, we will be deaf to their callings, we will be unable to recognize their particular voices among the chaos of our psychic life. Being unattended, the wilderness within us can take over, escaping our abandoned jungles and dying rivers. They will hide in our bodies in form of pain; they will attack us in our daily lives dressed up in anxieties and fears, and – if we will still be blind for their presence – they will suddenly pop up as external events, taking us from behind.

  •      Therefore, we need to tame them as soon as we recognize their presence within us. In the very same way, as every natural environment is subject to constant swings in the atmospheric conditions, so our personal psychic microclimate is daily influenced by the current archetypal winds.


         The rampant meadows of our soul are in constant movement. They not only dance to the actual music of Universe, but their very existence obeys the rules of the changing seasons. The concentrated beauty of a rose comes into full bloom during the summer months. Yet, to reach that moment it has to undergo seasonal deaths in the wintertime. Year after year…


         Predictive astrology is like a weather forecast. Its language helps us to see the beauty of our inner landscape in each season. It may also warn us about approaching storms or arriving of seasonal floods, in the way that we may organize us better.

         The fire frightens us, but sometimes the bushfires are necessary to keep the ecosystem in balance. In the agriculture, controlled grassland fires are often prescribed to improve the soil quality, and thus the overall well being of given environment. Research has shown that the seasonal fire is an essential element for some ecosystems and the elimination of it would cause a certain imbalance.


  •      The astrological forecast allows us to understand the apparently destructive powers of cosmic nature which seasonally hits our inner coastlines, and use their intensity appropriately for the benefit of all our ecosystem.

         Astrology in itself is a science of the cycle. Therefore, its archetypal symbols suit so well to describe the cyclical psychic weather fluctuations within our private landscapes. The cosmos and microcosmos speak the very same language.

         As the four seasons of the year condition our outer lifestyle, so the individual rhythm of our souls nourishes our inner microcosmic gardens.

         An Astrologer, as a good gardener knows the inner cycle of the soul. He knows when is the time to seed, to fertilize and to harvest. When to rip the weeds out, and when allow some plants to die.

         He also know that the most beautiful roses grow on the natural compost made out of process of death: the rotten and stinky remains of what previously has been alive.


         The birth chart is areal photograph of our individual landscape. It shows, with enormous detail, the wild territory that we are about to tame and protect in this life time. It is given to us to may thrive within it, together with our ecosystem: our personal wild tigers, snakes and birds. How we will manage to survive in our jungle or on the top of our mountain, it is up to us. It depends on us if we will let the fish die in the contaminated river, and thus meet the consequence of that imbalance, or if we will make our waters crystal-clean, to boost the life sustained by their constant flow.

  •      We do have a free will, so we decide about how good gardeners we will become. However, with help of astrology, we can have some wider look at a map of our individual microcosmic topography given to us at the moment of our birth. What sort of challenges will we meet in protecting our individual ecosystem? Is there any specie facing extinction, or overpopulation? Is there any dangerous storm approaching?


         With this knowledge, we can easily tune in to the actual season that governs the flow of our inner currents. Thanks to astrology, we start to understand the weather that our souls are subject of. The archetypal winds are blowing ceaselessly . Therefore, it’s beneficial for us to catch their flow, to be aware of their strength instead becoming defeated by going against them.


         By following our forecasts we will keep our individual microclimate in perfect balance.

         In the larger perspective, we will gradually start to experience that our rivers are flowing into another’s sea, and that our birds are seasonally migrating to another’s territory.

         And even if we feel ourselves as a uninhabited island, there will come a day, when we will leave our familiar beach for the vastness of the ocean.