•  “Kasia is – what one can call – an exceptional student. She has the profundity, an enormous empathy and understanding while diving in the individual birth chart. She is focused on the totality of who one is and one’s personal story. If you are ready to work with yourself in depth, Kasia is the one, who you can safely guide you though your journey. She will show you where the shoe pinches and will give you valuable tools to clear your life’s path. “

    Kathatrina Westblikk, Norway
    Teacher in "Polaris Astrology School"
  • “Just a few weeks back I had my natal chart read by Kasia for first time. I had a very trustful and open experience, and many of the content tell by Kasia, was actually my actual path, past history, challenges and potentials for my life.

    The chart gave me the link I have being missing unconsciously. This has help me to transform some narratives I have being using for my whole life. Somehow, I could see the connections, links behind the signs, and the detailed reading given by Kasia. The energies symbolised by the planets, to be a new port of new possibilities or ways of thinking, and new ways to emerge my potentials into a different way to manage for current life situation.

    All the descriptions were given with such openness, and I was very impressive by her level of understanding and personal legitimacy, curiosity and inheritance. My personal metaphor was like having a personal travel, with a trustful guidance to the unknown!

    Thank you Kasia, to help me to navigate and inspire my conscious & unconscious mind, allowing me to be more curious about the spectrum of alternatives the planets show me that life can be about, and that from now on I know a little better. Thanks.”

    Alejandra, Denmark
  • “There are two sayings that are repeated everywhere nowadays; Know that you are good enough. And Find your inner self.

    I used to not understand the meaning of this. How can one find oneself, in a society that pushes everybody to be the same? We are social animals, and standing out in a group is one of the most difficult tasks a human can adventure into. So, how can one come to peace with oneself, and with life, without striving desperately to fulfill all the attributes that are cherished; to be strong minded, sensible, balanced, compassionate towards everyone, economically affluent, hardworking, physically fit, and so on? It is impossible, without comprehending that one has been given a set of conditions in this life. The understanding of this frame-set that one has been granted at birth, will allow oneself to stop struggling towards being something that you will never be, something that you were never meant to be, and instead start to work with life, in peace with life. This will also make you be able to work towards your life goal, ceasing the endless feeling of meaningless many experience these days.


    For me, being guided by Kasia, has been one of the most important happenings in my life. Kasia has shown me with great care, dedication and cleverness, what my frames are, and what my soul yearns to fulfil. Instead of comparing myself to others, I have started to find myself from within, thanks to the guidance of Kasia. And, only by fining myself from within, have I also been able to be more truly attached to others, because it is only by being really present in a true self, that one can have real connections with others.


    Be aware: an analysis with Kasia may make you see life in a different manner, as if you have suddenly started to see the surroundings in many more colors, in a greater detail. And, after guidance from Kasia, it is also possible that you can notice the energy systems that frames you, and that also limits you; the zodiac “frames” that were given to you at birth. But they only limit you in such a way, as to guide you towards your highest soul goal, which can be reached if you listen carefully to the signs life give you. Kasia can show you the secrets, reveal your energy frames and provide you with detailed clues about your soul goals. This has the potency for making you take life more seriously, and yet be at better peace with yourself and others.

    You have my word that you can trust Kasia with every aspect of your heart and mind. Kasia, and life, is worth trusting.”

    Hanne, Norway
  • “Listening to Kasia’s reading of my chart was a profoundly enriching experience. The analysis of Kasia was incisive and her advise was thoroughly objective. The uniqueness of the reading was that the advise combined scientific analysis with spiritual content so that i can work through areas that are deficient in my chart in a spiritual way. This was done thru mantra meditation, a program that Kasia designed specifically for me based on my souls blue print in this life… and it helped me release some of my emotional blockages.


    I was thoroughly satisfied with Kasia’s in-depth analysis. I am grateful to her for having taken up my chart and so thoroughly analyzed it. In India, we have many astrologers and I have been to a few but have never had the pleasure of my soul chart being read and that too so beautifully that it helped me to understand my souls journey and helped me to connect all the missing dots. Kasia’s suggestions were backed by her profoundly spiritual outlook and experience which I value very much.

    Kasia was so patient to all my queries and answered all to my utmost satisfaction… I only wished that the reading would never end ! I did implement quiet a lot of Kasia’s suggestions and could see the difference in my journey to reach closer to my soul….

    Along with this her analysis of some of my past dates and what happened then ,only further increased my faith in her reading along with seeing all her future predictions coming true for me.

    I can’t wait to get my soul chart read again thru Kasia.. it has been a complete pleasure .. “

    Parrita, India
  • “Kasia took her time writing a detailed report. She gave me a lot of care and attention, and answered my many questions during our phone call. I like her honest and direct communication, and her enthusiasm for her work.”

    Bart, Belgium