There is no booking format on my page. Your filled-up questionnaire is the final confirmation of your interest in having session with me. In the course of the next 3 days, you will get my feedback about the possible timing of our session.


     If you are not sure about the character of my work, please, take your time going through YOU and US sections, before sending your questionnaire back to me.

     I want to build our relation on trust and respect. Therefore, I expect you to value my work and time, in the same way like you would value yours.

Please, pay attention that my services are based on donation basis. For more information click here

    1. Your e-mail

    2. Your full name

    3. Date and place of your birth. If you are currently living in other country, please specific your actual location too.

    4. The time of your birth (please, remember that without the right time of your birth, I am not able to cast your individual birth chart. Without it, our session cannot be possible)

    5. How accurate is the hour of your birth? Is it from the birth record or rather from your mother's (or any other family members) memory?

    6. What motivated you to look deeper into your birth chart? Was it some special event happening in you life or is it rather a result of your deeper reflection about your individual path?

    7. What would you like me to focus on especially?

    8. What is your occupation? If you are a student, what is the subject of your studies? Do you find your current work fulfilling or you would rather like to use your skills doing something different?

    9. If you are over 30 years old, how do you remember the period of your late 20'? Was it rather beneficial time or filled with some bigger difficulties? Do you recall it as a maturation period in your life?

    10. Do you practice and form of yoga, meditation, or any other type of body/mind exercises? Jogging and gym sessions are also body/mind training! : )

    11. Are you familiar with astrological or esoteric language? Have you ever had any type of astrological consultation?

    12. What do you think about reincarnation?

    13. Do you remember your dreams? If so, is there any particular dream repeating itself?

    14. How you would like to make your donation?

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